Today marks the 2 year anniversary of what is considered the deadliest mass shooting in American history. 58 people were gunned down at a concert in Las Vegas, 4 of those 58 were Canadian. This anniversary is also sparking conversations in the U.S regarding gun laws/gun control.

In the two years since the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, the U-S government and states have taken some action to tighten gun regulations. They are also frustrated that mass shootings keep happening, and that people are fearing trips to the grocery store, places of worship or even school. The U-S government this year banned bump stocks, the device that helped the Las Vegas gunman shoot more rapidly from his hotel room window. Nevada and some other states have also passed “red flag” measures that allow a judge to order weapons be taken from someone deemed a threat. -Canadian Press

To this day, gun control conversations have been ongoing not only in North America, but even in Ontario. Toronto has had over 16 shootings take place in the month of September, and even Timmins has seen its fair share of weapons charges this year. The most recent weapons charges were laid on Sunday night after a containment situation took place in Schumacher. The last time gun control laws were discussed was a few day ago while the Federal Party Leaders were campaigning in Toronto.

Today we take a moment to put everything aside, and remember those who lost their lives to gun violence.

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