Tomorrow (October 11th) will mark the beginning of Operation Impact 2019, a national public awareness campaign aimed at making Canada’s roads the safest in the world. By promoting safe driving behaviours, we hope to help prevent collisions, save lives and reduce injuries on Timmins and area roads.

The focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users at risk: impaired driving due to alcohol, drugs or fatigue, as well as aggressive driving, distracted driving and lack of seat belt use.
“Your actions have impact”. This is the theme for this year’s campaign. It emphasizes the role each of us has to play to support traffic safety on the streets and highways in our community. Don’t let the impact of your choices be a collision on our roads.

Motor vehicle collisions kill about 2,000 Canadians, seriously injure another 10,000 people and injure about 165,000 citizens in this country each year.

“Poor decisions linked to driving behavior persist in our area to the detriment to the safety of motorists sharing the roadway. The need to adhere to the speed limit while at the wheel is a legal and ethical imperative and serves the best interests of the public The Timmins Police Service will continue to monitor Timmins roadways for speed violations and aggressive driving offences with firm but fair enforcement action to follow when any violations are observed.” said Traffic Sergeant Tom Chypyha, Timmins Police Service

It is not a coincidence that the timing of this campaign takes place during this Thanksgiving long weekend. More people are traveling, making collisions more frequent. That is why the Timmins Police Service actively supports and participates in Operation Impact. This traffic enforcement initiative runs from October 11th through to October 14th with the hopes that awareness will lead to safer driving behaviours taking hold in our area.

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