One of the topics discussed at the November 5th Council meeting was a speed limit increase for parts of Highway 101 and 144.

If voted in favor, the speed limit would increase from 80km/hr to 90km/hr on Highway 101 West from Waferboard Road to Highway 144, and on highway 144 from the intersection of Highway 101 and 144, to Sultan Industrial Road and Route 560 located next to the Watershed.

There were some safety concerns voiced by Councilor Rinaldo and Councilor Murray, but when it came down to the vote it was 5-2 that were in favor of the increase.

The motion was carried, and the request will now be submitted to the MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario). If approved, City Council will be notified and the speed limit would eventually be increased. Until then this is now in the hands of the MTO.

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