The Toonie Draw took place for a full year, and was ready to take place for a second year. Well that second year will not be happening.

“The way the ending came about was that, I started a motion to get a Provincial license. In my first conversation with a man out of Toronto, he told me that the Toonie Draws are not allowed in Ontario. He said the reason why these aren’t allowed in Ontario is because they are not written in their guidelines (Alcohol Gamin Commission).” -June Woodburn Rotary Club

Having that said, the Province allowed the Toonie Draw to hold their last draw which was November 11th. Which happened to be the same date their gaming license expired.

Woodburn went on to add that, although the Toonie Draw is not permited in the Province, she is hoping to bring back something similar in the Spring of 2020, so that people can keep playing, and the Rotary Club can continue fundraising.

They will be holding a celebration gathering at Full Beard Brewing on November 25th from 5-7PM to say thank you to everyone who played, and to everyone who partnered with them to help make the draw a success.

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