Timmins Police, responded to many different kinds of calls throughout the year of 2019; One type of call that stood out the most for them this year were car thefts.

“The common theme that we seem to be dealing with is thefts from motor vehicles. People seem to insist on keeping valuable items in their vehicle. We recommend strongly against this practice; Any wallet, tablet, or cell phone, sunglasses, any of these things can act as an attractant to would be thieves. -said Marc Depatie Corporate Communications Coordinator Timmins Police Service.

Depatie, went on to add that even though there have been many of these thefts, they have had success in locating those persons based on video surveillance that was captured. He also put a lot of emphasis on the public adopting the “lock it or lose it” philosophy. Reminding you to lock your doors or you can be at risk of theft.

Another element that they are noticing an increase in is forms of harassment electronically through social media. More specifically intimidation, and threats.

“We are hopeful that people are mindful that their actions have consequences. Despite the fact, that there’s this perceived anonymity that comes along with saying something on social media, there’s always an electronic foot print that is left and our investigators actively seek out the persons who’ve said or done irresponsible things or menacing things via social media.” -Said Depatie.

A success that police have seen throughout the year of 2019 is the rise in drug busts. Depatie said that is something the Police station can be proud of, and that it’s something that wouldn’t be able to happen without the help of crime stoppers and the help of the public.

With 2019 coming quickly to an end, Timmins Police will now shift their focus to prevention.

“Policing in a very generic sense is a type of science. We’re aware of trends in crime and we are responsive to that. We have fixed resources, and a fixed number of Officers, but we’re training them on a regular basis to make sure that they are better able to meet the demands expected of them in a modern policing environment. That said, we are looking beyond the actual responding call to call.” -Says Depatie

“Simply responding to the call and investigating, and finding the person responsible and bringing them towards the courts; from a dated stand point that’s effective policing, but we’re looking beyond that. So with the implementation of the Mobile Crisis Unit,  persons who were likely to get involved with criminal activity, were based on some form of mental illness or mental health crisis. Those persons who are engaged in substance abuse issues that is leading them to commit crimes; We’re identifying those persons at the situation table, we are identifying those persons proactively through our interactions with the Mobile Crisis Unit so that, persons who are likely to become criminals or engaged in criminal activity are halted in the early stages.”

To finish off, Depatie added that Police keep working with their community partners, so that these persons don’t become your “life long criminal” and that they are halting their behaviors by addressing the issues that haunt them and that cause them to get involved in criminal activity. That’s where the focus on prevention for 2020 kicks in. 2020 is right around the corner and Police hope to be able to achieve their goal(s) in 2020.

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