Northern College, has partnered with the Anti-Hunger Coalition for the Coldest Night of the Year event. Now that they are partners, $5000 will go towards the event!

“It’s significant in a couple of ways; of course financially, It’s the first time that for the coldest night of the year we have a lead sponsor. Our goal this year is to raise $40,000. So, the lead sponsorship really helps move forwards and towards reaching that goal.” -Jennifer Vachon Anti-Hunger Coalition

“Today is really about community; It’s about forming linkages with other community partners, and really celebrating the fact that we can help remove barriers that prevent all people from succeeding and in particular our learners and other marginalized people that are in our society.” -Susan Hunter Northern College’s Director of Marketing, Communications and External Relations.

So far, this year’s event has already seen 17 teams registered for the event, and the organizers are hoping to have at least 25, and they have also raised just a little over $13,000. This event will take place on Saturday February 22. Registrations are currently open and you can register on the day of the event if you like.

To register you can go online at CNOY.ORG. Youth between the ages of 11-17 can either Fundraise $75 or pay a registration fee and Adults 18+ can Fundraise $150 or a registration fee.

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