The Timmins Rock, went one for one in their back to back situation over family day weekend. They took a 3-1 loss to the Powassan Voodoos, but then went on to beat the French River Rapids 6-1 on Saturday and are now one point back of first place once again.

This week, will be quiet as far as games go, but the Rock have two tough games going into the weekend. They’ll take on the Voodoos one last time this regular season, but obviously have a good chance of meeting each other in the Playoffs. The two teams will go head to head on Friday and the Rock have home ice to use to their advantage.

Here’s how their previous meetings have gone:

Sep 15, Voodoos 5-4 Rock OT

Oct 19, Rock 3-4 Voodoos SO

Dec 6, Voodoos 1-4 Rock F

Jan 11, Rock 4-1 Voodoos F

Jan 25, Rock 0-1 Voodoos F

Feb 6, Voodoos 3-2 Rock F

Feb 14, Rock 1-3 Voodoos F

Feb 21, ????

Every game has been a close one and the game on Friday should be no different.

The Rock, will take on the Hearst Lumberjacks on the road on Saturday for the eighth and final time, and the Rock will look to split the season series as the Jacks, have won four out of the seven meetings so far. The score in those games however were not as tight.

Here’s how the previous meetings have gone:

Sep 25, Lumberjacks 4-2 Rock F

Oct 5, Lumberjacks 0-3 Rock F

Oct 22, Rock 4-0 Lumberjacks F

Nov 14, Rock 1-5 Lumberjacks F

Nov 29, Rock 2-5 Lumberjacks F

Dec 1, Lumberjacks 3-2 Rock F

Dec 15, Lumberjacks 4-9 Rock F

Feb 22, ????

As you can see, this will be the first time these two go head to head since December 15. Since their last meeting the Rock have gone back and forth between first and second place, and the Lumberjacks have struggled but managed to hang on to third place. It will be interesting to see how their final meeting will go as both teams usually put on a show.

Only four games remain in the regular season, and the Rock will need every point if they hope to have home ice advantage for every round of the NOJHL Playoffs. Tickets for Friday’s meeting between the Rock and the Voodoos are available online at

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