The battle lines have been drawn, the Timmins Rock, are going head to head against the Hearst Lumberjacks once again in a Playoff series.

Both teams, finished in good spots in the standings that it allowed them to each have a full week to regroup, heal, and prepare for one of the most highly anticipated Playoff series of the season.

“Everyone is basically on track to be back for game one..  we’re hoping, game one game two sort of thing. Masternak will be back, Meyer we’re still waiting… looking like he’ll be back for the start of the series. If not, we have Justin Vertesi to back up so we’re still in good shape. As long as we have Masternak healthy, we can be more cautious with Meyer.” -Timmins Rock Head Coach Corey Beer

“The only one we’re not expecting back for the start of the Series is Kioki. He would be more game three game four.” -added Beer

The Rock, had a 3-1 series lead last year over the Lumberjacks, and ended up losing the next three straight games and were eliminated.

“We’re a different team, we have different compositions on how we play, there’s zero parallels from last year and this year. There’s nine to ten new guys on the team who have no idea what that series even entails. From a series to series stand point, there’s not much. If you look at it even further, from a game to game stand point… who ever wins game one, you make adjustments and try to get back at game two. There’s not much thought process going in to what’s happened before, it’s all about what’s going to happen in the future here.” -Said the Head Coach.

As for the mood in the dressing room, the players are all looking at this series with a professional approach.

“It’s playoff time, every one knows what’s at stake and how we want to approach things. It’s not something that we’re over excited… were not going to lose our emotion level, guys know it’s going to be a seven game series and were trying to do our best to prepare for that.” -Said Beer

As far as home ice advantage goes, Beer is happy that the team has it this time around.

“It’s a huge things for us you know…. we worked for it, 42 wins in a season it’s nothing to shake your head at, It’s an incredible achievement, our guys are deserving of home ice and it’s a huge thing for us for sure.”

The Regular Season doesn’t really mean much. The only time it matters, is where you finish in the standings. If your’re in the top 5… you’re in. If you finish sixth… you’re out.  This season,  the Lumberjacks finished 18 points behind the Rock but, won five of the eight meetings this year.

Sep 25, Lumberjacks 4-2 Rock F

Oct 5, Lumberjacks 0-3 Rock F

Oct 22, Rock 4-0 Lumberjacks F

Nov 14, Rock 1-5 Lumberjacks F

Nov 29, Rock 2-5 Lumberjacks F

Dec 1, Lumberjacks 3-2 Rock F

Dec 15, Lumberjacks 4-9 Rock F

Feb 22, Rock 3-6 Lumberjacks F

Final Score in total for the Regular Season: Lumberjacks 27-26 Rock

The Rock may have finished with 87 points and the Lumberjacks may have finished with 69, but that clearly doesn’t mean anything as most of their meetings have been close. This playoff series should be no different…

Tickets for the series go on sale tomorrow and you can get them at TimminsRock.Com.

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