As the COVID-19 situation changes rapidly in the Province, Timmins and District Hospital continues to adjust daily operations with our goal of protecting our patients, our staff and our community.


Effective Friday, March 20, 2020 at 11:00 am the following visitor restrictions will be put into place:


No hospital visitors will be allowed until further notice except for the following exceptions:


  • One support person for maternity patients
  • One support person for pediatric patients
  • One support person for emergency department patients
  • One support person for any scheduled out-patient appointment
  • Family members for hospice or near end-of-life situations

Any other exceptions to these limitations must be approved by the Manager (or designate) of the patient’s respective nursing unit.


Any visitor coming into the Hospital based on these criteria will be screened before being allowed entry. Anyone thinking of coming to the Hospital to visit should not come to the Hospital if they are not feeling well.


To ease patients through this difficult period, the Hospital will be providing free telephone and television service. The Hospital will assist with other forms of communication methods for visitors where we can.


The Hospital is in the process of carefully ramping down non-essential services and will provide an update soon on the full extent of the reductions. You may already be receiving phone calls from various departments within the Hospital on appointment cancellations or service delivery alternatives.

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