The Timmins Police Service is aware that there are reports circulating on social media regarding persons attending residences in Timmins, door to door, and posing as technicians testing for the presence of any virus contamination.
These reports are fictitious and baseless as no such reports have been made to the Timmins Police Service.

Furthermore, verifications with persons alleged to have been contacted have determined that no such contact for the purpose described has in fact taken place.

Citizens are reminded to consider the source of texts or posts that purport to be public advisories where no substance exists to validate the need for the advisory to be made public.

As a preventative measure, the Timmins Police Service would have alerted the public to any such activity if, in fact, such illicit activity was taking place.

The public is reminded to always consider the source of your information when scrutinizing the content of any text or post and its inherent validity as, on occasion, social media posts can be rife with misinformation meant to mislead the recipient and entertain the author.

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