In response to numerous queries, the Timmins Police Service is providing the following information.


As it stands at present, and in order to afford each citizen the protections they are entitled to, the Timmins Police Service is monitoring specific sites and areas within our community to ensure compliance with provisions and imposed restrictions outlined in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (Ontario).


In short, under this emergency legislation, as declared last week, all gatherings of 50 people or more are now prohibited.


Additionally, a range of described businesses and organizations are not allowed to open or remain open in Ontario.


These include, but are not limited to, daycare centers, concert venues, public libraries, indoor recreation facilities, private schools, movie theatres as well as bars and restaurants, except those that are readily capable of providing drive-thru, delivery or take-out service.


Where warranted, and in response to any reported or discovered offences, the Timmins Police Service will engage in remedial enforcement action.


Thus far, voluntary compliance in the Timmins area has been exemplary.  The needs of the public to be protected during these trying times remain a priority for the Timmins Police Service.   


To date, no violations have been noted in the jurisdiction of the Timmins Police or required formal police attention.

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