Lake Shore Gold, a subsidiary of Pan American Silver, today announced that it has offered employees of the company the option of a voluntary temporary layoff in order to enable them to remain home to care for their families, while accessing the government programs available to support them in their social isolation efforts. This will also reduce the amount of people working on our sites.

“The health and safety of our people and our communities remain our priority. We are pleased to provide the option of a temporary layoff, which allows our employees to make the choice that is right for them,” said David Bernier, Country Manager for Lake Shore Gold. “We will protect the jobs of those who accept the voluntary temporary layoff, so they have comfort in that they will have their positions to come back to. We have a very dedicated group and I want to thank everyone for their continued diligence and patience through this difficult time.”

Lake Shore Gold will adapt its operating mine plans to reflect the temporary change in labour availability. The company has taken several measures to protect health and safety in response to COVID-19, which meet or exceed guidelines from all levels of government. For more information, see our LinkedIn page. There are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the Lake Shore Gold workforce.

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