The Timmins Flood Advisory Committee has issued a Flood Watch for the
Mattagami River. The most recent streamflow information for the Mattagami River watershed
shows that many area rivers and streams are rising in response to the recent precipitation and
continued snowmelt. There is still snow remaining in outlying areas, so the upward trend is
expected to continue.

A Flood Watch message serves as notification to the public that the potential for flooding exists.
On the Mattagami River system, water levels are continuing to rise and could reach the critical
first stage flood level over the coming days. At this point in time, residents may experience some
flooding of low lying areas.

City residents living near lakes and rivers are reminded to remove unsecured material and
equipment from shoreline areas as water elevations continue to rise. They should also be
prepared with a household emergency plan should a flood emergency be declared. Parents are
asked to let their children know about the dangers of playing in and around lakes, rivers and

The existing Watershed Conditions Statement remains in effect throughout the Timmins area for
Porcupine Lake, Town Creek, Kamiskotia Lake, Porcupine River and Crawford Creek.

The Flood Committee will continue to meet on a regular basis to review watershed conditions
and forecasts. Further updates will be issued as conditions change. Residents can visit the MRCA
website at www.mattagamiregion.ca for the latest information on watershed conditions and
public advisories.

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