Frontline heroes, we appreciate you!  We know the sacrifice you make everyday to keep our community going.  Doctors, nurses, bus drivers, grocery store clerks, gas attendants … the list is long.  You’ve left your house each day so that we can stay in ours, protecting our family and staying safe.  Thank you.


We’ve teamed up with Ron’s Signs and Displays to create this commemorative sign you can proudly display on your front lawn or in your window.  Let your neighbors, friends, and family know that in your home, a frontline hero is helping our community stay safe.


One of our station staff will deliver the sign and set it up on your front lawn.  100% contact-less.  And 100% free, no charge for the sign or delivery.  Delivery is made within the Timmins, South Porcupine, and Porcupine areas.


Email Natalie at to request your sign.  Provide your name and address (for delivery only).  Natalie will confirm your request and we’ll deliver the following work-day.  Quantities are limited.  All signs have been generously provided by Ron’s Signs and Displays.


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