It’s the 92 Days of Summer with Northern College and Timmins Garage!  That means warm days outside!  Here is a list of fun game ideas that take little to no effort but create tons of fun in the sun!


Water Balloon Dodgeball

Pretty simple, its dodge-ball with water balloons!


Fishing for ROCKs

What you need:

A kiddie pool,water, rocks and 2 bowls.

Throw small rocks in the kiddie pool and set your timer to 2 minutes.

Have 2 people from each team go head to head- picking up the rocks with their toes and putting them into the bowl.

Whoever gets the most rocks in the bowl by the timer’s buzz- wins!


Solo Splash

What you need: 

2 pieces of string, 2 plastic cups, 2 water guns.

Poke a hole at the bottom of the plastic cup, insert the string.

Tie each end of the string to a tree or chair etc.

Fill your water gun.

The object of this game is to shoot water into the plastic cup, pushing the cup along the string. Whichever cup reaches the end of the string first, wins!


Electric Slide

What you need: 

A tarp, dish soap and a hose.

Set the tarp on the ground (preferably a softer surface like lawn or sand) turn on the hose so it covers the tarp with water. Add dish soap. Run and slide!