There have been no new positive cases in the Porcupine Health Unit (PHU) area since June 21, 2020. The current number of confirmed positive cases is now 67. No cases are currently active, but COVID-19 is still circulating. Continue to follow public health measures to stay well.

With school officially over, parents may be looking for childcare options for their children and may be considering summer camps. Certain summer day camps are permitted to operate during the months of July and August 2020 but overnight camps are prohibited from operating during the summer of 2020. Summer camps are working with the PHU to identify and implement procedures to prevent or limit the transmission of COVID-19. One important way to limit the spread is to ensure that anyone who has symptoms, even if they are mild, not attend the summer camp. If you are an organization that is planning to host a day camp this summer, you are required to follow the requirements in the updated document COVID-19 Guidance: Summer Day Camps. Your plan must be submitted to the Porcupine Health Unit for review. 

To stop the spread, we all need to continue with measures like physical distancing, wearing a face covering where physical distancing may be challenging, frequent handwashing and staying home when you are sick.

Our COVID-19 Information line is open today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call the toll-free number, 1-800-461-1818 or the PHU office in your community. See our office listings for local contact numbers.

Stay home if you have symptoms. Stay safe.

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