Foo Fighters are not one to shy away when it comes to helping out their fellow man, especially now that we need to be looking out for one another more often in these crazy 2020 times. So naturally they would take part in the weekend long fundraising event ‘Save Our Stages’.



Musicians are taking to the stage this weekend to highlight the importance of our music venues and how they need our help to stay afloat. It’s honestly refreshing to see musicians on stage after their long absence from them too. Foo Fighters performed last night (October 17th) at the Troubadour in West Hollywood to do just that. It was an intimate show without the sound of a crowd to amplify the atmosphere.



Also Foo Fighters displayed a different side to their music during their set. Watch their full live performance below. You can catch the last round of live performances for the ‘Save Our Stages’ festival tonight.