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Sonic Democracy explains they're "not just a High School band" and takes on their Professor in Queen trivia

Originally Aired: May 23, 2019

Sonic Democracy explains they’re “not just a High School band” and takes on their Professor in Queen trivia

Sonic Democracy is having their annual shows coming up June 7th & 8th at THVS and was nice enough to come into the studio this morning. Don't miss these shows, they're some of the best sounding and have some of the biggest productions of any shows to hit Timmins - I can't believe the work these students put in. In case you missed it this morning, the students explain what's happening and what all the hype is about. We also find out their professor, Barry, is a MASSIVE Queen fan, even writing a paper on them in University. So we have the students take him on in Queen trivia. - Daly